Local/Regional News

Lexington, KY – The man known as the Billy Graham of Catholicism is in Lexington for a speaking tour of several area churches. As Josh James reports, the Vatican official wants to see more dialogue between Catholics and Protestants.

Lexington, KY – All this week the Kentucky Department for Public Health is encouraging Kentuckians to be through with chew. As Kathleen Adams reports, smokeless doesn't mean harmless.

Lexington, KY – Lexington Fire Chief Robert Hendricks says Lexington's fast-growing development is in danger of outstripping expansion of the city's fire department. Josh James has more.

Midway, KY – In part two of our series on the Midway Stockyards controversy, Kara Keeton explains why many area residents say the relocation of Bluegrass Stockyards makes economic sense.

Lexington, KY – Opponents to a proposed plan to relocate the Blue Grass Stockyards to Midway plan to fight to keep the facility out of the historic city. Kathleen Adams has details.

Lexington, KY – As the state primary election season gets underway, Kentucky Republican Party Chairman Darrell Brock is stepping down. Josh James talked with Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell about the change, as well as other issues on the front burner in Washington.

Lexington, KY – When Bluegrass Stockyards announced it was eying a 30-acre site in Midway for its new facility, the news sparked an intense debate in the community. Josh James attended a public hearing on the issue Thursday night and filed this report.

Lexington, KY – When President Bush submitted his budget to Congress on Tuesday, it contained additional monies for a program that will rid Kentucky and Colorado of chemical weapons. Kathleen Adams reports.

Lexington, KY – Several public health organizations will join forces tonight during a town hall meeting at Shiloh Baptist Church in Lexington which will focus on increasing awareness of HIV/AIDS within the black community. Kathleen Adams reports.

Lexington, KY – A teenage girl was allegedly raped this weekend at a University of Kentucky dormitory. Kathleen Adams has details.