Local/Regional News

Lexington, KY – Nearly four years after the creation of the Amber Alert system, an online registry program has now been launched to further aid law enforcement in tracking down missing children. Josh James has details.

Lexington, KY – Horse racing enthusiasts and fans of Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro continue to honor the colt's memory through condolence cards, and as Kathleen Adams reports, financial contributions to at least one local equine retirement facility.

Lexington, KY – Girl Scout cookies are on sale again -- this time with a twist. Kathleen Adams explains.

Lexington, KY – Applications to the University of Kentucky's medical school during the 2006-2007 cycle increased by 55 percent over the previous year. As Kathleen Adams reports, the growing numbers are part of a national trend.

Lexington, KY – University of Kentucky officials continue to formulate suggestions for increased benefits, employee assistance, and child care options based on the latest Work-Life study. Josh James has more.

Lexington, KY – Coming on the same day as news of the death of Derby winner Barbaro was the announcement of a new equine initiative University of Kentucky officials hope may advance research that could prevent injuries and infectious diseases in horses - while offering students new learning opportunities. Josh James explains.

Lexington, KY – Thousands of anti-war protesters will gather in Washington D.C. for what is being billed as the largest peace rally since the war in Iraq began. As Kathleen Adams reports, several Kentuckians plan to be on the mall.

Lexington, KY – State representatives are reacting to last night's State of the Union address. Josh James spoke with Senator Mitch McConnell about what the speech might mean for Kentucky.

Lexington, KY – Drivers on Tates Creek Road may notice some changes in the coming months as city workers redesign the vegetation along the heavily traveled artery. Josh James explains.

Lexington, KY – For many, the issue of how Lexington should grow is not a question of if, but when. Today city planning commission members are debating the most controversial element of Lexington's comprehensive plan - the addition of an urban reserve. Josh James explains.