Kentucky Civil Rights History

Alan Lytle

The University of Kentucky takes on race-relations, school desegregation and landmark civil rights cases in a new exhibit in the lobby of the Special Collections Research Center.  WUKY's Alan Lytle recently toured the displays with archivist Anu Kasarabada, curator of From Separate to Unequal: School Integration in Lexington and Louisville.

Local Civil Rights Icon Audrey Grevious Dies

Jan 10, 2017

A long-time educator who was credited with helping integrate downtown Lexington businesses in the early 1960’s has died.  Former local NAACP president Audrey Grevious passed away Friday at the age of 86.  Grevious, who along with Julia Lewis of the Congress of Racial Equality or CORE, led numerous sit-ins and protests at segregated stores, theaters and lunch counters. 

Associated Press

Public TV viewers this week got their first look at Ken Burns's documentary on Jackie Robinson.  Ben Chandler's grandfather, A.B. "Happy" Chandler was MLB Commissioner when Jackie broke the color barrier.  On the anniversary of his debut with the Brooklyn Dodgers (April 15, 1947) we speak with Ben and hear the historic tale from Happy himself; audio courtesy of the Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History in the UK Libraries.

Group Working To Publicize 1867's 'Fourth Of July To Remember'

Jul 3, 2014
The Kentucky Archaeological Survey/Kentucky Heritage Council.

A team of historians has uncovered a significant civil rights rally in Lexington that was held on the Fourth of July, 1867.