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Visit Horse Country has been one of Lexington and Central Kentucky’s success stories since it’s inception in 2014. Now numbering about 40 members including horse farms, equine medical clinics and horse attractions it has solidified it’s place on the tourism map and in many visitors’ hearts. With travel restricted due to the Coronavirus pandemic and all visits essentially shut down, Executive Director Anne Hardy recently spoke via Skype to explain how they’re coping during these difficult times and to hype a host of activities lined up for what was supposed to be Derby Day in Kentucky.

Samantha Lederman

Horseback riding is a dangerous sport, and while there are plenty of safety studies that concentrate on jump technology, or horse physiology, historically there hasn't been much attention paid to the impact rider strength and fitness can have.  But as Horse Capital reporter Samantha Lederman tells us that's beginning to change, thanks to UK Eventing Team Strength Trainer Tony Sandoval.

Samantha Lederman

The United States Equestrian Federation cut the ribbon on its new headquarters at the Kentucky Horse Park Friday morning. WUKY Horse Capital reporter Samantha Lederman has details.

Samantha Lederman

If you live in Central Kentucky there's a pretty good chance you've spent a day at Keeneland, and you've probably heard the races called by the track announcer, Kurt Becker.  WUKY's Horse Capital Reporter Samantha Lederman recently spent some time getting to know more about what it takes to be the Voice of Keeneland.

Samantha Lederman

Thousands of horse enthusiasts will again gather at the Kentucky Horse Park this weekend for BreyerFest - a three day extravaganza bringing the model horse world to life. Kids and adults alike can take part in the many workshops, free seminars and shopping, all while meeting some of the horses that inspire the models. Every BreyerFest ticket includes a FREE Limited Edition Breyer figurine, created just for the event.  And as WUKY’s Horse Capital Reporter Samantha Lederman tells us, this year’s guest of honor is a popular fixture of the horse park.

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Racehorses are high performance, high earning athletes, and as such, no stone is left unturned to make sure every minute advantage is capitalized upon. Horses on the back side have their own personal grooms, trainers, massage therapists, chiropracters, blacksmiths, and as Horse Capital Reporter Samantha Lederman discovered; even dentists.

Footwear is important for any athlete and when it comes to the equine world there's an old adage; "no foot, no horse."  There's a lot that goes into making sure horses are properly equipped.  WUKY's Horse Capital Reporter Samantha Lederman recently paid a visit to the Kentucky Horseshoeing School where an intense annual contest was being held.

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The Kentucky Journal of Equine, Agriculture and Natural Resources Law will hold it’s fifth annual Symposium Wednesday February 27th. WUKY’s Samantha Lederman has the details.

Samantha Lederman

The grounds of the Henry Clay estate at Ashland Park are home to over 400 trees representing 44 species. When a black maple on the corner of Sycamore and Richmond Road died in the Spring of 2013, leaving just a stump on the busy intersection, local artist Kiptoo Tarus had an idea. WUKY’s Samantha Lederman has the rest of the story.


The Kentucky Horse Park is again hosting a prestigious competition this weekend.  WUKY's Samantha Lederman has a preview of the 10th annual USHJA International Hunter Derby Championship.