Harry Dean Stanton

Lexington Film League

What do the Avengers, Pretty In Pink, Repo Man and Kelly’s Heroes all have in common?  They all feature the talents of Kentucky native and  Hollywood icon Harry Dean Stanton.  Since 2011 the Lexington Film League has held a festival in his honor.  This year's event includes the aforementioned movies and others.  Event founder Lucy Jones recalls the moment she became aware of Harry Dean’s cinematic gravitas and connection to Lexington.  She provides a preview of the festivities, July 12-14, with WUKY's Alan Lytle.

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For more than 60 years, Harry Dean Stanton played crooks and codgers, eccentrics and losers.  He endowed them with pathos and compassion and animated them with his gaunt, unforgettable presence, making would-be fringe figures feel central to the films appeared in.

Kentucky-born actor Harry Dean Stanton has been the subject of a film festival in Lexington for the past three years.