Dr. Greg Davis On Medicine

The US Food and Drug Administration recently gave its approval of a new drug called Dsuvia, an opioid five to 10 times more potent than fentanyl and 500 times more powerful than morphine.  The FDA green lighted the opioid over the objections of a local physician who chairs its advisory committee.  Dr. Raeford Brown is the guest this week on Dr. Greg Davis on Medicine.

Centers For Disease Control

It has the makings of a parental nightmare; a child has what seems to be a simple cold but then begins to have difficulty moving.  A rare disease called Acute Flaccid Myelitis, which has been in the news lately, could be to blame.  Dr. Greg Davis recently brought his microphone to the busy office of Dr. Laura Stadler, a pediatric infectious disease specialist and an assistant professor in the department of pediatrics at UK Healthcare.

UK Now

There have been a number of initiatives taken recently to combat the opioid epidemic, in fact this coming Saturday there’s a national drug takeback event happening across our region.  But getting people to bring in their prescription drugs has been problematic especially in small towns and rural communities.  Now a University of Kentucky communications professor is working to get the word out about a way to safely destroy your meds in your own home.  He’s the guest this week on Dr. Greg Davis on Medicine.

Spend any time watching your child play sports, and the topic of concussion is bound to come up.  Back in the day we used to call it getting your bell rung, or seeing stars, but once they’ve had a concussion, just when is it safe to resume normal athletic activity?  We put that question, and others, to Dr., Dan Han, associate professor of neurology at UK Healthcare.  He’s the guest this week on Dr. Greg Davis on Medicine.

UK Now

If you’re having trouble sleeping or staying asleep, you’re certainly not alone.  According to the Centers for Disease Control 35% of American adults don’t get the recommended 7 hours of sleep each night and that can lead to a myriad of health problems.  But a new pilot study examining the sleep habits of women in Appalachia may hold some important answers for drowsy folks everywhere.

Truths And Myths About Vitamin D

Sep 26, 2018

Confused about the recent talk about Vitamin D?  You're certainly not alone.  This week's guest on Dr. Greg Davis is here to drop some truths and bust some myths about the supplement.

The Changing Face Of Medical School Education

Sep 19, 2018
UK College of Medicine

The University of Kentucky recently made headlines when it reported a double-digit drop in the number of black freshmen enrolled at the school; from 420 in 2017 to 370 this fall.  It’s a trend that school officials pledge to reverse.  The new numbers belie a long-term increase in diversity, particularly when it comes to the med school student body. That’s a subject for this week’s edition of Dr. Greg Davis on Medicine.

UK Markey Cancer Center

It seems you can’t turn on a radio or TV without hearing the terms precision or personalized medicine; but do you really know what all that entails?  This week there’s a special conference at the University of Kentucky covering the essential elements of the personalized medicine approach: therapeutics, outcomes, discovery and delivery.  The TODD conference is the topic of this week’s edition of Dr. Greg Davis on Medicine.

UK HealthCare

Last week we told you about a study underway at UK and other hospitals aimed at tracking and improving the patient experience. But what happens when there’s a language barrier?  In part two of Dr. Greg's report we look at a new video remote interpreter service now in use in 9 of UK Healthcare’s pediatric clinics for non-English-speaking patients and their families. 


You may not know it but when you’re discharged from the hospital or making an appointment with your physician or other health professional, there is a team of highly trained individuals working hard to try to make that process better.  Jess Clouser is with the Center for Health Services Research at the University of Kentucky.  She’s the manager for Project Achieve; an initiative funded by the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute or PCORI; nationally recognized leaders in healthcare and research methods, which strives to improve the patient experience.  She talks with Dr. Greg about the program.