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A foundation is donating money to Kentucky miners who say they haven't been paid by bankrupt coal operator Blackjewel LLC.

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Kentucky’s senior senator, Mitch McConnell, is cheering a Trump administration plan rolling back Obama-era clean power regulations, calling the environmental rules unfair, ineffective, and unaffordable.

Kentucky Coal Mine Death Blamed On Safety Lapses

Jul 18, 2017
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Federal regulators say an accident that killed a coal miner in Pike County happened because a conveyor belt didn't have adequate safety guards.

As Coal Dwindles, Mining States Trim Safety Inspections

Jun 30, 2017
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Kathy Bartlett watched helplessly this spring as Kentucky lawmakers cut back on mine safety inspections and replaced them with coaching sessions on miners' safety habits.

Gubernatorial Candidates Making Pitches To Coal Group

Oct 8, 2015

Democrat Jack Conway is pledging to promote Kentucky coal and look for tax incentives to stimulate production if he's elected governor. Conway also accused President Barack Obama's administration of unfairly targeting Kentucky with its environmental policies.

Kentuckians are among the hundreds of people across the country telling the EPA its new emissions rules go too far or not far enough.

Kentucky’s legislative leaders are in rare agreement on President Obama’s plan to curb carbon emissions.

Monday’s news of new carbon emissions standards has highlighted a long-simmering divide in Kentucky.

Reaction to President Obama’s new EPA rules was swift in the Bluegrass.

Sen. Mitch McConnell is going on the offensive ahead of an Obama administration announcement detailing new regulations for power plants Monday.