Attorney General Andy Beshear

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Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear is asking lawmakers to grant his office the power to request special grand juries, a move that also requires a green light from the state's highest court.

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The fate of Kentucky’s divisive pension reform bill rests in the hands of the state Supreme Court, which heard arguments Thursday on its constitutionality. The matter comes freighted with politics, as it pits two gubernatorial candidates against one another on a highly-charged issue that could play a role in upcoming elections. 

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A complaint about an election in a Kentucky county is being investigated by the state attorney general.

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The Kentucky attorney general's office says it will seek the permission of the state legislature to form a grand jury to investigate Catholic dioceses statewide.

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Kentucky Democratic Attorney General Andy Beshear has filed a brief with the state Supreme Court about why he thinks a law changing the public pension system is unconstitutional.

Bevin Brief Filed In Appeal Of Pension Lawsuit

Aug 28, 2018
Associated Press

Attorneys for Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin have filed a brief in the appeal of a lawsuit brought by Attorney General Andy Beshear to strike down changes to the state's struggling retirement systems.

Adkins: Fundraising Should Focus On 2018 Elections

Aug 23, 2018
Legislative Research Commission / Josh James

Kentucky House Democratic leader Rocky Adkins has called on potential rival Andy Beshear to temporarily halt fundraising for next year's gubernatorial campaign and focus on raising money for the party's legislative candidates this year.

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The Kentucky State Board of Elections has voted to reaffirm its policy of not posting lists of write-in candidates in polling places.

Potential New Write-In Rules Could impact Elections

Aug 17, 2018
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The Kentucky State Board of Elections is scheduled to meet next week to discuss a recent Attorney General's opinion that says it is OK for poll workers to post lists of certified-writing in candidates in voting precincts.

Attorney General: OK To Post List Of Write-In Candidates

Aug 16, 2018
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Kentucky's attorney general says it is OK for election officials to post a list of certified write-in candidates at polling places.