2020 Kentucky Primary Election

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The 2020 Kentucky Primary is now in the books, and the field is set for the general election in the fall.  The race everyone was watching was which Democrat was going to get the nod to take on Republican incumbent Mitch McConnell who is going for a 7th term.  Joining WUKY's Alan Lytle for a special post-primary edition of Capitol Chat is the editor and publisher of the Frankfort based Kentucky Gazette, Laura Cullen Glasscock.

Here's How Fayette Countians Voted

Jun 30, 2020
Michal Rasmussen

The Fayette County Clerk's office has posted all of the vote totals for the 2020 primary election in which Democrat Charles Booker outpaced eventual party nominee Amy McGrath in the race to take on Republican incumbent Mitch McConnell.

Michal Rasmussen

After a weeklong wait, Kentucky Democrats are about to find out who their U.S. Senate nominee will be.

Michal Rasmussen

Full results won't be released until June 30th but here is the latest Kentucky primary news from the Associated Press.

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This Tuesday some voters will head to the polls for the primary election but many more have already voted via absentee ballot.  In Fayette County all the voting booths will be located inside Kroger Field.  And, thanks to the global pandemic we may not know winners and losers for the better part of a week.  Laura Cullen Glasscock, editor and publisher of the Frankfort based Kentucky Gazette talks with WUKY's Alan Lytle about Tuesday's Kentucky primary.


It's a district that's gone from red to blue to red again.  Central Kentucky's Sixth Congressional District is hotly contested territory for one Independent candidate, three Republicans, including incumbent Andy Barr, and two Democrat hopefuls.  Kentucky Gazette editor and publisher Laura Cullen Glasscock joins WUKY's Alan Lytle to talk about the state's most competitive congressional seat.

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Ex-Marine pilot Amy McGrath seemed to be gliding toward victory in the Democratic Senate primary in Kentucky. But she has come under heavy fire from both directions in the closing days of the contest.

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The Republican dominated Kentucky General Assembly has been taking a back seat to the governor’s daily briefings and executive orders in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, but they are the legislative branch in our government and coming up on June 23rd some of these lawmakers will be on the ballot.  Joining WUKY's  Capitol Chat is the editor and publisher of the Frankfort-based Kentucky Gazette, Laura Cullen Glasscock.


Lexington officials are painting a picture of what voting will look like during the upcoming June 23rd primary elections. As WUKY's Josh James reports, most ballots will be cast absentee, but there will be other accommodations.

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The June 23rd statewide primary election is now less than a month away, and that means Capitol Chat is back.  We welcome in once again Laura Cullen Glasscock, the editor and publisher of the Frankfort based Kentucky Gazette.  Some important seats are up for grabs in the legislature but much of the attention is on the U-S Senate contest, especially when it comes to securing endorsements.  Several Democrats want to challenge incumbent Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the GOP lawmaker has opposition in his own party.