2020 Kentucky Legislative Session

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Law enforcement officers hired by Kentucky school districts to provide security will be armed under new rules signed into law by Gov. Andy Beshear. 

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Medical marijuana advocates are cheering a historic Kentucky House vote to allow patients to obtain legal cannabis in the state. The bill won support from more than two-thirds of the Republican-led chamber.

As Kentucky legislators advance a bill to require voters to show a government-issued ID to cast a ballot, a civil-liberties group says it might mount a challenge if the bill becomes law. The Republican-backed measure cleared a House committee on a party-line vote Thursday.

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A proposed amendment to the Kentucky Constitution would bar the state from ensuring the right to an abortion in the event the Supreme Court's Roe vs. Wade decision is overturned.

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Kentucky health care workers who refuse to take part in procedures or dispense medications on ethical or religious grounds would be granted legal protections under legislation opponents are calling "extreme."

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Gov. Andy Beshear made history Wednesday, becoming the first sitting governor to attend and speak at an annual LGBTQ rights gathering in the Capitol.

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Kentucky lawmakers took the first step Wednesday toward placing new restrictions on the governor's pardoning powers. A bill with bipartisan backing would establish windows of time around gubernatorial elections when the governor could not pardon or commute sentences.

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Medical marijuana is getting a serious look in the Kentucky legislature.

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A bill creating a new exemption to state Open Records law is on its way to the Kentucky House. Proponents, including the father of a slain Marshall County student, say it's necessary to keep traumatizing images and video from circulating online.

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A bill legalizing medical cannabis has emerged from a Kentucky House committee and appears better positioned to reach a coveted vote on the chamber floor than its predecessor. Yet the obstacles to the governor's desk are still plentiful.