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Solo Shots
9 - 10 pm, Fridays

Friday evenings at 9, following Girls’ Night Out, host Anne Deck sees to it the guys have their turn at some ‘lyrical spin’ on Solo Shots with a mixture of Triple A, retro modern rock, electronica, classic rock, reggae/ska/world beat—you name it!  Tune in for a sonic showcase to include everyone from Triple A staples Beck, Ray LaMontagne, Bryan Ferry and Jack White, to classics (and new material) from retro modern rockers Morrissey, Bob Mould, Peter Murphy…  to the eclectic fare of Sufjan Stevens, A.C. Newman and Moby alongside reggae and other world music…  Then toss in some classic rock each week, from David Bowie to Warren Zevon, Elvis Costello to Richard Thompson—and have fun with themes around holiday occasions—all for a Friday Cocktail Hour of Tunes!  All you have to do is sit back and enjoy these ‘sure shots’ of sound on Solo Shots with Anne Deck, 9-10pm Fridays following Girls’ Night Out each week on WUKY!