The ArtBeat

WUKY's weekly feature covering the arts and events in Central Kentucky and beyond.  Visit and listen for information about events and conversations about all varieties of art. We also hope to kick off a community calendar for arts events.

Joe Conkwright is joined by Lucy Jones, director of The Lexington Film League and founder of The Harry Dean Stanton Fest.

The Jeanne Penn Lane Celebration of Kentucky Writers happens this weekend (June 23 and 24) in Danville, Harrodsburg and Gravel Switch, KY.  Joe Conkwright is joined by event coordinators Paul Stansbury, Wayne Westerfield, and Jeanne Penn Lane's daughter Dawn Osborn to talk about the event.

Remembering Jeanne Penn Lane

Jun 22, 2018

Artist and songwriter Jeanne Penn Lane was a frequent guest on WUKY's Curtains @ 8! and Joe Conkwright is joined by her daughter Dawn and granddaughter Olivia to to talk about her life and legacy as a promoter of Kentucky artists. We'll also hear an except of a

n interview with Jeanne from October 4, 2012.

Stephanie Harris, The Lexington Art League's Outgoing Executive Director, reflects on her life in the arts, her passion for dance and teaching, and her fulfilling work with The Lexington Art League.

Joined by WUKY's Joe Conkwright in the new WUKY studio, Stephanie takes a look back, and a look ahead to next chapter of her journey through Art.

The 2017 Harry Dean Stanton Fest (Sepember 28-30)

Sep 19, 2017

Joe Conkwright is joined in studio with Sarabeth Brownrobie and Mick Jeffries from KYUKE to talk about Kentucky's first Ukelele festival happening this weekend in Lexington.

Doug Naselroad, Master Luthier at the Appalachian Artisan Center in Knott County, talks about the craft of instrument making.

The newly appointed 2017-2017 Kentucky Laureate Frederick Smock joins Joe Conkwright for a reading of his work, and conversation about his love of nature, poetry, teaching and the mystical process of going to "where poetry comes from."