'A Wake-Up Call.' Kentucky Tops 1,000 Daily COVID Cases For Second Time

Sep 29, 2020

Kentucky reported its second-highest single day increase in COVID-19 cases Tuesday.

Credit AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley

"We can't let this thing get out of control because maybe we're tired," the governor cautioned.

For only the second time since the outbreak began in March, Gov. Andy Beshear announced a daily case total over 1,000.

"1,018 cases ought to be a wake-up call if last week's almost 5,000 cases wasn't," he said.

The governor has worried aloud that Kentucky is seeing the start of a third escalation in cases at a time when activities begin moving indoors. Beshear pointed to possible fall break plans for families and the high number of cases uncovered in college students as areas of concern.

The governor did say he believes the Fayette County Public Schools proposal to move toward small groups of in-person tutoring and supplemental education services at elementary schools is in line with state guidance.

Of Tuesday's record increase, 157 positives were found in those 18 and under.