Wait - Don't Toss That Paper In The Recycling!

May 14, 2019

Lexington is halting recycling of paper products in response to changes in the global marketplace for recycled materials. 

Credit Josh James / WUKY

Officials announced Tuesday that paper products – including newspapers, office paper, paper towel rolls, magazines, and cereal boxes – will no longer be accepted. Instead, file those materials into the standard trash bin or collect them for recycling elsewhere. 

The reason: Lexington is having trouble finding buyers for its recycled paper, which also comes from more than dozen surrounding communities. The Lexington Herald-Leader reports the city has resorted to giving away the materials for the past few months.

But Lexington isn’t alone – cities across the U.S. have been grappling with a shifting market since China enacted new cleanliness standards for recycled materials.

While that matter is sorted out, the city is looking for new customers and the Urban County Council has convened a committee to examine the city’s recycling efforts.