Veterans Honored, Recognized At UK Ceremony

Nov 11, 2015

The University of Kentucky observed Veterans Day with a ceremony in front of the Main Building.

The University of Kentucky honored and recognized veterans during a ceremony in front of the Main Building.
Credit Alan Lytle

Anthony Dotson, who coordinates the school’s Veterans Resource Center, said men and women who wore the uniform need acknowledgement more than just one day out of the year.

"When asked do you support veterans, how do you respond?  Of course we all say yes.  But if I asked you how, what would you say?  That's the harder question.  You see I'm all too familiar with the first.  Lots of folks verbalize support until you ask them for assistance or resources.  I challenge you today to have a follow-up for that question:  the how," Dotson said.

Jessica Wilson and TJ Brockman with UK’s Student Veterans Association say they don’t quite know how to respond when someone thanks them for their service.

"I think I read somewhere that you're supposed to just say thank you for your support which that'll be my default answer from now on because that's how I feel.  I don't feel like I need to be thanked but I really appreciate that they appreciate what I did," Wilson told WUKY.

"I'm very grateful when someone says that to me," Brockman said.  "I know military service isn't for everyone and I don't necessarily think it should be and I really appreciate it when someone tells me they are grateful for my service," said Brockman.

According to the university, there are more than 700 students or military dependents currently enrolled at UK.