UK Student Behind Bars For Making On-Line Threats

Nov 8, 2018

Haily Duvall
Credit Fayette County Detention Center

A UK student was arrested for making a threat to the university on social media, reporting it to police and sending tips to local TV-station. Haily Duvall is a 19 year old sophomore from Glasgow. She is now charged with terroristic threatening and filing a false police report.

The snapchat screenshots she sent to LEX-18 read “White Hall is about to be white ashes along with every *expletive* student in it.” and “Thirsty Thursdays are about become ticking time bomb Thursdays.”

UK Police Chief Joe Monroe said no students were ever in any danger and Duvall seems to be the only person involved in making the threat. Students will see a greater police presence on campus today as a safety precaution.