Two Hybrid Models Will Roll Off Toyota Lines In Georgetown

Mar 14, 2019

Credit Karyn Czar/WUKY

Toyota announced they will invest billions into their global manufacturing operations and that includes the Georgetown plant, where they’ll begin manufacturing RAV4 and Lexus models.

Toyota officials said the investment to the U.S. will reach about $750 million, $230 of it will come to Kentucky where the RAV4 and the Lexus ES Hybrids will begin rolling off the assembly lines by the start of next year at the Georgetown plant. Governor Matt Bevin said it’s yet another economic boost created by the company in the Commonwealth.

Susan Elkington, the President of Toyota Manufacturing of Kentucky told us they “don’t expect any new jobs to be happening but there may be some new hiring as we bring the product on-line.” Toyota does expect to add 600 new manufacturing positions across the US over the next five years.