Security Measures In Place At KY State Capitol

Jan 16, 2021

Credit Karyn Czar

The Kentucky State Capitol grounds and surrounding areas will be closed entirely on Sunday after the FBI released reports of domestic terror threats made against state capitols across the Country. Barricades are in place and security is planned “We’ll be ready. That’s my commitment, to keep everybody safe” said Governor Andy Beshear.

The Governor said no groups have applied for a petition to rally so none “should be happening” however, he has authorized the Kentucky National Guard to offer support to Kentucky State Police and Frankfort Police if unruly crowds form. The Governor said much like after 9-11, the paradigm has totally shifted because of what the country witnessed when the US Capitol was breached on January 6th

“We cannot view these things as simply people who dress up like it’s Halloween and want to seem tough and then go home,” Beshear said “We saw an attack on our Nation’s Capital. We have seen kidnapping plots exposed in Michigan. We’ve got to acknowledge what it is. Domestic terrorism and we’ve got to treat it as such.”

Top leaders of the Republican Party in Kentucky have released a joint statement urging anyone who does gather to protest to remain peaceful.