'One Tiny Thing To Encompass Everything': Jad Abumrad Brings Passion Project To UK

Nov 12, 2018

Radiolab host Jad Abumrad wears many hats – and this Friday he'll don a new one at the University of Kentucky as he delivers the 2018 Edward F. Prichard Lecture. 

In a wide-ranging chat with WUKY's Josh James, the radio pioneer talks about how he went from composing "imaginary film scores for movies that didn't exist" to delivering award-winning radio explorations that go "stupidly deep" on anything and everything. 

Check out the full interview for more on Abumrad's podcast More Perfect, how his radio show once bounced off the water and landed in Canada, and why he considers music the "collective unconscious" of a radio story. 

Abumrad is scheduled to speak at UK's Gatton College Building at 5:30 Friday night. More info