Newly Discovered Audio Takes Listener Inside The Mind Of Civil Rights Legend Lyman T. Johnson

Feb 13, 2020

In our latest edition of Saving Stories, WUKY's award winning history program, Dr. Doug Boyd with the UK Libraries Nunn Center for Oral History shares newly discovered audio from a series of interviews with Lyman T. Johnson; the first African-American student to set foot on the UK campus.  Johnson successfully challenged a state law that prohibited students of different races to be educated together in the same classroom.  The university had been getting around the 'Day Law' by sending professors to the Kentucky State University campus in Frankfort to instruct African-American students.  That all changed with Johnson in 1949.

Lyman T. Johnson won a lawsuit in 1949 to attend the University of Kentucky, becoming the first African-American to set foot on the college's campus.
Credit UK Special Collections