McConnell Keeps Options Open On Impeachment Vote

Jan 14, 2021

All eyes are on Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell as the second impeachment of President Trump heads to the U.S. Senate. The senator's public reluctance to signal how he plans to vote already marks a dramatic shift from the president's first impeachment.

Credit AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

McConnell treated Trump's first impeachment as a futile political exercise, quickly ensuring its failure in the Senate. But the winds have shifted in Washington since last week's riot at the Capitol and now the leading Republican is leaving open the possibility that he could vote to convict.

New York Times reporting suggests McConnell may see impeachment as a way for Republicans to split with the embattled outgoing president, but it's unclear whether McConnell's vote alone could sway enough members of the caucus to follow his lead.

Addressing the rumors swirling around the proceedings, McConnell has said he's yet to make a final decision and he intends to listen to the legal arguments presented to the Senate.

Just 10 Republicans sided with Democrats on impeachment in the House.