Local Music Monday: Singer/Songwriter Derek Spencer

Nov 17, 2014

This week DeBraun has this profile of singer/songwriter Derek Spencer.

Singer/Songwriter Derek Spencer
Credit photo provided

Derek Spencer is a native of Beattyville, Kentucky who moved to Lexington in 2007. Spencer grew up singing in church but didn’t start writing his own songs until he was 13. After moving to Lexington Spencer started performing under the name The Rooster’s Crow. He has since dropped that moniker but says as a songwriter he has learned from many different experiences.

“When I first started the Rooster’s Crow and everything’s new and it’s exciting and every line that you write is brilliant and it’s the best thing you’ve ever written, well it’s because you’ve only got 10 songs under your belt, it’s not that hard to write better than 10 songs, but after you’ve written 30, 50 songs you’re like ‘ok I’ve already expressed this thought, how am I going to express it in a different way and in a better way, but in a unique way.’”

Spencer regularly performs solo and has a very large vision for his music. That vision has matured as he has. Spencer says there is a big difference for him in capturing that vision live and in the studio.

“When I get in the studio, I want everything to be controlled and I’ve worked with a lot of producers who are like ‘let’s go for something a little more organic’ and that’s something that is hard for me, when I go into the studio I don’t want organic, I want something better than organic, I want, you know, perfect, I want to come out with the thing I strive to perform and achieve [laughs], so that’s ya, I need to try to appreciate the nuances and the subtleties that are captured in that one performance while you record it.”

Spencer has a new batch of songs he is getting ready to take into the studio and hopes to release them next year. He says what he’s the most excited about is not only working with new songs, but to show the experiences he’s gained through performing.

“I’m really looking forward to people hearing my music presented in a thicker, kinda stronger way, it’s a little more upbeat than what people are used to hearing from me [laughs] like it’s all about the same stuff I’ve always written, you know about death and murder and ghosts and weird stuff, but it’s in a more crowd friendly package.”

Derek Spencer will be performing at Buster’s on November 29th.