Local Music Monday: Fred Croney

Aug 22, 2016

This week DeBraun profiles Rapper/Musician Fred Croney.

Fred Croney
Credit Shawn Gannon

Fred Croney is a rapper and Lexington native. He wrote his first rap at the age of 8 and began recording at 17. Lexington’s hip-hop scene is really well connected and to break in, Croney says it might be difficult, but the community is all about respect.

“At first it’s kinda like, you really had to show the guys, the older guys, the veterans and stuff, that you could rap and that you had the skill to really compete with them, and then I don’t know, kinda just building people when you go to places, shake hands, show support to other artists, you don’t wanna be the be the ‘cool guys’ goin there, handin out your flyers and leave as soon as you hand your fliers out and you really don’t show any support, that’s what we really try to do, I don’t think I’m better than any artist in town, like as a person.”

He has long had a passion for hip-hop, but it didn’t fully materialize until he started working with producer Cory D. Croney has worked with him on almost every project that he’s released and says their chemistry really can’t be explained.

“At this point now, I would say that, the stuff he makes, is the sound I’m going for at times, sometimes I feel like when he makes the beats, he kinda hears my voice on them, and so when we link up and create stuff, I don’t know, I couldn’t really explain it, it just kinda happens man.”

After releasing a project in 2014, the pair released a sophomore album called November 92. It has been and has been received well by many fans and with the success of the record; he continues to mature as an emcee. Croney says there are lessons learned from recording the first album that encourage him to want to be even better.

“I had dropped a project, I wanna say, maybe a couple years before, it’s called Still Free, but this and this one, I wanna say, is my most cohesive project, really when it comes to skill and stuff, you put something out, making Still Free, was like, didn’t know what we was doin at all, we rushed it and pushed it together, didn’t have a lot of direction, and when it comes to November, it’s like, ‘we know what we want, we know what we’re going for’ and once it was all together, the words people would describe it to me is undeniable.”

Fred Croney performs as Fredd C. More information about Croney and his projects can be found at soundcloud.com/freddyflows.