Kynect is back and the governor is promising savings

Oct 14, 2021

Starting Friday, Kentuckians can login to the commonwealth’s newly-revived state-based health insurance marketplace known as kynect. 

The online portal, launched under former Gov. Steve Beshear and shelved under Gov. Matt Bevin, is set for a comeback.

The marketplace will allow Kentuckians to access, compare, and purchase health plans – or apply for food or utilities assistance, job training, and veterans’ benefits. Gov. Andy Beshear is also pledging savings. The administration estimates the shift back to a state-based model will save $15 million in surcharges on premiums charged on the federal site.

"The savings are going to be passed to the people who actually buy off the state-based exchange," he said. "Everything the state is saving the people are going to feel in terms of lower cost for coverage."

The new plans take effect at the start of 2022. Enrollment runs from November 1 through January 15.