Kentucky Hits Highest Single-Day COVID Death Toll, But Trends Keep Reopenings On Track

May 19, 2020

Despite a day of somber milestones in Kentucky's coronavirus outbreak, the state is drawing up new plans to reopen a series of businesses and attractions in June.

Credit AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Kentucky hit some unwelcome records Tuesday, topping 8,000 known cases of COVID-19 and recording its highest single-day death toll - 20. But Gov. Andy Beshear said overall trends remain flat and the rate of infection has slowed, though that may be due in part to increased testing of asymptomatic individuals.

"Our hospitals continue have sufficient room in ICUs, beds, and ventilators," the governor added. "That's something we are absolutely watching now."

The state is also adding to the list of reopenings slated for June. On the 8th, museums, outdoor attractions, aquariums, libraries, and distilleries that comply with safety guidelines can open their doors.

"We're going to try to have as much guidance that's applicable to a lot of these because some of them are outdoors but also have individual tours or groups that can go through," Beshear said. "This gives these businesses some advance notice."

If summer camps can meet the requirements for childcare centers, they may also open June 15th. Sports camps must meet additional conditions.