Keeneland to Hold Duplicate Books Sale

Mar 3, 2014

An equine library will hold a major book sale starting Thursday.  WUKY’s Chase Cavanaugh has more.

The Keeneland Library is the world’s largest repository of Thoroughbred materials.   In fact, they have so much that they’re selling duplicates of the books they have.  Director Becky Ryder says the spares come from acquiring several large collections. 

“We acquired approximately 300 boxes of books for the sale, I guess that’s within a ten month period of time," she said. 

The sale is intended to raise awareness of the library and as a way for the institution to give back to the community.  Materials will include biographies, pedigrees, racetrack flyers, and other types of Thoroughbred media.   The event will run concurrently with Keeneland’s annual gift shop sale, and Ryder says it’s a good opportunity for crossover.

“The gift shop sale is a very elegant sale, and there’s a certain clientele that likes that kind of sale.  But people love book sales.  It’s like a great big garage sale, I’m sure that there’ll be tons of people here," she added. 

The sale will take place on Thursday from 9-7, and Friday and Saturday from 9-5 at the Keeneland Entertainment Center.  More information is available on their website.