FCPS Introduces Superintendent Finalist Emmanuel Caulk

Jun 24, 2015

Credit Chase Cavanaugh

After touring Fayette County and meeting up with students, staff, and parents, the first finalist for school superintendent, Emmanuel Caulk, gave a press conference Tuesday afternoon. 

Caulk was hired in 2012 as the schools chief in Portland, Maine, a district of about 7000 students.  He also has past experience as an Assistant Superintendent in Philadelphia and East Baton Rouge.  Caulk said Fayette County has several assets that, used effectively, can improve student performance.   

"I think the competitive advantages that are here, great teachers, great school leaders, supportive community, are all the ingredients for ensuring that every student has a pathway to success," he said.

When it comes to priorities, Caulk emphasized closing the achievement gap in Lexington.  He focused in particular on ensuring proficient students become globally competitive at a faster rate, as well as make sure that struggling students can be brought up to that level more effectively.  Caulk added that this should be coupled with strong professional development and smooth staff operations.

"I think this will be a hotbed of learning for other educators across the country for how to close the opportunity gap and at the same time, raise the bar for all students,"

The full press conference can be heard below.