Basketball Greats Chapman And Pratt: Remove Racist Items Or Remove Our Names

Oct 31, 2018

Credit Courier Journal

Two former UK basketball stars want their names out of Freedom Hall if racist products remain. Nazi Christmas decorations and an authentic Ku Klux Klan robe being displayed and up for sale at a gun show in Louisville this past weekend.

There isn’t a policy against having Nazi or Klan items, but Rex Chapman and Mike Pratt want their hall of fame plaques removed from Freedom Hall is the policy isn’t changed. They said “By allowing items to be sold, that specifically represent those types of things, in my opinion, there’s not a way that you can do that going forward.” The Florida vendor, Walter Kanzler Guns and Militaria was selling Nazi WWII ornaments at the event. Their website says “there’s no political agenda behind his merchandise.” The sale happened the same day 11 people were gunned down at a Jewish synagogue in Pittsburgh. Kentucky State Fair Board chairman Mark Lynn said “We’ve got to get beyond racism, we’ve got to get beyond hatred. We’ve got to get beyond a lot of things and you hope that as a people, and as a city, a town a nation, we can do that.”

The Fair board set an emergency meeting on Nov. 15 to talk about implementing policy changes.