AG: Demise Of Health Law Would Be 'More Stark' In Kentucky

Dec 17, 2018

Kentucky’s attorney general is painting a dire picture of the effect Friday’s federal court ruling striking down the Affordable Care Act could have on the commonwealth, and the Democrat is vowing a tireless fight against the ruling.

FILE - This Oct. 23, 2018 file photo shows website on a computer screen in New York.
Credit AP Photo/Patrick Sison

Beshear warns the ruling endangers healthcare coverage for more than 1.3 million Kentuckians, potentially rolling back protections for pre-existing conditions and ending expanded Medicaid for more than 500,000. That, he says, is why he and a group of attorneys general plan to mount a vigorous appeal.

"We have to push as hard and as fast as we can to overturn this ruling," the top law enforcement official urged. "This ruling threatens healthcare coverage for all Americans, but it's devastating impacts on Kentucky, given the health of our people, I believe is more stark than just about any other state in the country." 

The general told reporters Monday the ruling overreaches, going beyond even what some opponents of the 20120 health law argued for, and will ultimately be overturned by the 5th circuit.

While the law remains in effect as it undergoes litigation, Beshear said individuals and families who gained coverage under the act “ought to be highly concerned.”

Speaking with conservative talk radio host Leland Conway, Republican Gov. Matt Bevin – who has said he’ll end expanded Medicaid unless his administration’s overhaul is implemented – chalked Beshear's actions up to politics, according to the Associated Press.