Accessory Dwelling Units: Boon Or Bane For Lexington Neighborhoods?

Aug 19, 2019

Accessory Dwelling Units or ADU’s are small housing units sometimes called "in-law suites" or "granny flats," built on a single-family residential lot.  Some provide housing alternatives for those who wish to age in place by staying in their current homes and neighborhoods, as well as for those seeking affordable housing, smaller or more accessible housing options and/or assistance from family members or caregivers.   ADU’s are illegal in most areas of Lexington but the city’s planning and zoning commission is holding another public input session this Tuesday night on newly proposed regulations for ADU’s.  This week on the Business Side WUKY's Alan Lytle and Business Lexington editor Tom Wilmes discuss the economic pros and cons of more little houses popping up in our neighborhoods.

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