Kentucky High Schooler One Of Five National Student Poets

Jun 13, 2019
Associated Press

A high School student from Bowling Green is one of five 10th and 11th graders named as a National Student Poet.  Christian Butterfield will receive $5,000 and serve as a regional literary ambassador through readings, workshops and other programs.

Bluegrass Chemical Weapon Stockpile

Officials have begun destroying Cold-War era chemical weapons that have been stored at a Kentucky Army depot for decades.  The facility at the Blue Grass Army Depot successfully destroyed a mustard-agent munition on Friday in Richmond.

Alan Lytle

One of the most notorious incidents of dueling took place between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr more than 200 years ago.  Now, the Kentucky Historical Society has put together an exhibit highlighting the sometimes deadly practice in the commonwealth.

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U.S. President Andrew Jackson faced daunting challenges early in his career that helped to shape his personality and political thought. Gen. James Wilkinson, Frankfort’s founder and commander of the U.S. Army, was one of them. Wilkinson represented a privileged and unproductive establishment. Worse, he was a spy on the payroll of a European enemy.  Tony Turnbow, used unpublished sources to write his book, “Hardened to Hickory: the Missing Chapter in Andrew Jackson’s Life.”   He discussed his research recently at the Kentucky Historical Society in Frankfort and later spoke one on one with WUKY’s Alan Lytle.

Samantha Lederman

Racehorses are high performance, high earning athletes, and as such, no stone is left unturned to make sure every minute advantage is capitalised upon. Horses on the back side have their own personal grooms, trainers, massage therapists, chiropracters, blacksmiths, and as WUKY’s Samantha Clark discovered; even dentists.

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Blue Grass Airport has received an $11 million federal grant to expand its taxiways as ridership continues to grow at the Kentucky facility.  News outlets report that Blue Grass received the funds Thursday to aid in the facilities renovation projects. The grant will be used for a new 3,500-foot (1,067-meter) taxiway, completing the final phase of a five-part taxiway safety program set to finish in July 2020.

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While Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin has run into resistance from Republican lawmakers on pension legislation, and faced a messy dispute with his lieutenant governor, his Democratic challenger has forged alliances with his ex-rivals as the campaign starts taking shape.

Louisville, Kentucky, officials have unveiled new branding for Louisville's airport to go along with a renaming to honor Muhammad Ali.

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Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin still lacks enough votes to push his pension-relief bill through the state House, even with the changes he made to his proposal, House leaders said Thursday.

New US travel restrictions to and from Cuba will not have an immediate effect on so-called Study Abroad educational exchanges between the two countries.  Since 2013 Centre College Spanish Professor Genny Ballard has taken her students to the Communist island and when WUKY spoke with her this week she had just returned from another trip to Cuba shortly before the new policies were enacted.