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The Capital City celebrates Frankfort Heritage Week

Frankfort Heritage Week 2024, May 5 - May 11.
Image provided by Frankfort Heritage Week
Frankfort Heritage Week 2024, May 5 - May 11.

The event kicked off on the 5th with a lecture on the area's archeological history and a trivia night curated by a former Jeopardy contestant.

John Carlton, a local historian and preservationist, is the co-founder of Frankfort Heritage Week. He says the purpose of the celebration is to highlight the work and results of historic preservation, as well as the history and heritage of Frankfort and Franklin County.

The celebrations continue Thursday night as the Liberty Hall Historic Site hosts "Browns & Beginnings," a presentation on the 18th-century politician who introduced the bill granting Kentucky statehood.

On Friday, the Kentucky Historical Society will screen The SixTripleEight documentary, which follows the lives of the 855 Black women of the Women’s Army Corps tasked with clearing the backlog of mail in the European Theater of the Second World War. The movie is paired with an exploration of the “Our Stories, Our Service” exhibit at the museum and a Q&A with co-producer Elizabeth Anne Helm-Frazier.

On Saturday, the week will be bookended by a lecture entitled "Oceans, Glaciers, Rivers, and Caves: How the Rocks Under Our Feet Help Make Frankfort Unique."

Also on Saturday is Franklin County’s 229th Birthday Bash – a free concert at Frankfort’s Lakeview Park featuring country artist Walker Montgomery as the headliner, with additional performances by Mash Grass and local duo Jeri & Nat. The event is free, but ticketed, with limited seats available.