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Mayor, department chiefs say Lexington is ready for next snowfall

Karyn Czar

From Mayor Linda Gorton's office:

Winter weather: Here we ‘snow’ again


The City is ready for another round of snow, and continued bitter temperatures.

“Our top priority is to keep our residents safe and warm,” Mayor Linda Gorton said. “We’re encouraging our residents to stay off the roads if possible, and to limit your time outside.”

The Mayor urged residents to “check on your neighbors, the elderly, and protect your pets from the bitter cold.”

Gorton called together representatives of city departments to discuss weather plans:


Crews from the Divisions of Streets and Roads, with the assistance of Water Quality employees, are pre-treating roads with a brine and beet mixture this morning. “Beet Heet” is a sugar additive derived from beets that helps the salt work at a lower temperature, and keeps the salt on the pavement for a longer period of time.

Crews are prepared to work 12-hour shifts, said Commissioners of Environmental Quality and Public Works Nancy Albright.


The members of the Lexington Police Department are taking necessary steps to prepare and respond to the needs of the community during this next round of winter weather. This includes making sure staff and equipment are ready, said Chief Lawrence Weathers.

Weathers reminded motorists to give themselves plenty of time to get to their destinations, increase the distance between yourself and other vehicles, and put your vehicle in a lower gear to get better traction. In case of an emergency, call 9-1-1.


The Fire Department is taking precautionary measures such as winterizing pumps to ensure preparedness to respond to respond to an emergency that may occur. The department is prepared to rotate crews frequently on extended responses.

It important to allow water faucets to drip as a preventative measure for pipes, reducing the risk of freezing, said Fire Chief Jason Wells.


Waste Management is staying on course. While it is challenging with the bitter cold temperatures, hand and toe warmers have been issued to employees and managers are encouraging frequent breaks out of the winter weather.

Residents should keep in mind that in frigid temperatures, materials are likely to freeze in the containers. That can make it difficult to get everything out of the containers.

If there should be changes to the collection pickup schedule, those details will be communicated.


The Senior Center will not have instructor-led activities today. All Satellite Centers are closed.


The Office of Homelessness Prevention and Intervention has extended the activation of the Emergency Winter Weather Plan through next Monday morning, said Homelessness Prevention Manager Jeff Herron. Conditions will be monitored and resources will be updated as appropriate.

Extended outreach efforts to reach individuals and facilitate access to shelters will continue.

Herron said that the most commonly needed items are hats, gloves, and toiletries. Donations should be coordinated with providers directly. You may visit the “Lex End Homelessness” social media for further details.

Karyn Czar joined the WUKY News team July 1, 2013, but she's no stranger to radio.