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Applying for a license plate, registration, or transfer? Go early, as county clerks' system will be offline statewide starting in January


Kentuckians planning on accessing motor vehicle services at county clerks’ offices early next year are being advised to do so early. The offices will be pausing in-person and online vehicle services for up to 10 days starting January 1st.

The services will be suspended temporarily as clerk’s offices transition to a new statewide system they say will offer many improvements over the old one.

Among the services that will be suspended: vehicle or boat registration renewals, vehicle and boat titling and transfers, disabled parking permit issuance, and license plate issuance.

Gov. Andy Beshear said the switch to the new system, called KAVIS, has been years in the works, but it’s time to get the final pieces in place.

"Any time you're going to move systems, it's not an easy process , but when we look at how antiquated our UI (unemployment insurance) system got, the need to make this move is here.," he said. "We'll get through it. It's never great to have to shut down services for, say, a week at a time, but we want to get this thing done."

Officials expect the new system to streamline processes, improve customer service, and enhance overall efficiency. Plus it will allow Kentuckians to choose from more than 20 new license plate designs highlighting nonprofits.

The pause in services will not impact driver’s license issuance, however.

While the suspension of services will start on January 1st, different offices may reopen gradually on different schedules after 4-10 days. Some longer wait times could persist through the month.

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