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'No new hires to be found': Teacher shortages hammer some districts, others not so much

Josh James

Like many states, Kentucky is facing a shortage of teachers. And while there are a number of reasons for the deficit, a pressing question for some districts – as the new school year begins – is: What do we do right now?

It’s tough to nail down the data with the pandemic upending lots of expectations, but a couple figures from a recent Department of Education presentation stand out.

First, roughly 1 in every 5 Kentucky teacher job openings is going unfilled and – if you add up the groups considered at higher risk for leaving, including those at the beginning of their careers or nearing retirement – a worrying number of teachers fall into that category.

"About 72 percent, we would say, is at some risk, of leaving the profession—either that they can financially or they're in a group of teachers that historically shows a trend of being more likely to leave the profession," State Education Commissioner Jason Glass said.

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