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A ripple or a new wave? Health authorities aren't sure yet, but Kentucky's COVID positivity rate is on the rise

Centers for Disease Control
Centers for Disease Control

COVID-19 positivity rates in Kentucky have edged up around 5 percent over the last month, and the CDC shows Fayette County trending even higher than the state average.

Fayette County Health Department spokesperson Kevin Hall said Monday COVID is gaining some momentum again in the city, though it's too early to say whether another surge is in the offing.

"What we've seen over the last few weeks here in Lexington is that numbers have been trending upward," Hall said.

Overall, Kentucky is now at a positivity rate above 7 percent, when it sat at just over 2 percent only a month ago, according to the state. The CDC puts Fayette County at over 9 percent.

But as always, the dynamics are changing — with more residents vaccinated, or boosted, and a greater number having been exposed or infected during the Omicron surge. There's also the trend toward milder illness for many who do catch the virus.

Yet Hall says none of these factors should lead anyone to adopt a complacent attitude.

"It is nowhere near the time to say this is over, this is behind us, let's go back to pre-COVID lifestyles," the spokesman said.

Friday, Lexington saw its first day with more than 100 new coronavirus cases since early March.

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