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“Your image and your name are yours” Governor Beshear signs NIL bill into law.

Karyn Czar

Governor Andy Beshear signed Senate Bill 6 into law Wednesday. It allows student athletes to be compensated for the use of their name, image and likeness. WUKY’s Karyn Czar reports from Frankfort.

The bipartisan supported legislation codifies the rights extended to student athletes through an executive order signed by Governor Beshear last June.

“Your image and your name are yours, given to you by God and your parents,” Beshear said, “today we recognize each and every one of those individuals.”

UK Women’s Basketball SEC Champion and Player of the Year Rhyne Howard was in the State Capitol Rotunda when the bill was signed.

“I’m just grateful to be a part of it and to be in a state that puts athletes first. Honestly, you know with this bill being passed it opens so many doors for myself and you know people around me and student athletes across the state.”

Howard believes NIL laws will lead to some student athletes choosing to stay with their college teams longer, make lifelong connections and get guidance on financial and business matters. And she added, it’s not just about her or her peers’ ability to make money for themselves.

“A lot of athletes like at UK have donated and done a lot for the community”

UK Men’s basketball Coach John Calipari believes other states will look to Kentucky’s law to enact their own framework for name, image, and likeness rights for student athletes.

Karyn Czar joined the WUKY News team July 1, 2013, but she's no stranger to radio.