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Fayette County School Board makes decision on masking, votes to defer to Superintendent Liggins

Karyn Czar

The Fayette County Public Schools Board votes to give the district’s Superintendent the full authority to drop the indoor mask mandate as soon as the county slips out of the red as determined by the CDC. Karyn Czar reports.

During a previously scheduled FCPS board meeting Wednesday night, the board voted unanimously to give Superintendent Demetrus Liggins ability to transition to mask optional.

Board President Tyler Murphy said the change allows the district to transition along with rapidly dropping COVID numbers.

“That’s based on the guidance and recommendations of health officials that are optimistic that we’re moving in the right
direction and that things could change and evolve quickly. And it allows us flexibility to pivot as needed without having to go through all the formality of a board meeting.”

Liggins applauded the decision saying “We’re at a fortunate time in this pandemic, hopefully endemic,
and we are, it’s just, it was necessary in order to make sure that we’re moving as quickly and swiftly as the cases and conditions are in our

The Superintendent will follow the new CDC three-color coded guidance map and recommendations in making his decision. As of Tuesday, most of the state remained in the red, including Fayette County so masking will continue for now. The county’s
virtual academy was also on last night’s agenda. Because of an expiring waiver, the academy will only continue for grades 6-12.

Karyn Czar joined the WUKY News team July 1, 2013, but she's no stranger to radio.