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KY Democrats cry foul as House Republicans unveil budget bill ahead of governor's speech

Karyn Czar

Increased education spending and pay raises for state employees are included in a two-year state budget plan unveiled by Kentucky House Republicans. The House GOP released the proposal Friday, deciding not to wait to hear the Democratic governor’s proposals next week.

Gov. Andy Beshear's spokeswoman, Crystal Staley, says the GOP plan falls short of the “game-changing investments” the governor will recommend.

It is customary for the House to release its spending plan after the governor delivers a budget address before the General Assembly. The apparent shift in protocol was derided by the Kentucky Democratic Party which released the following statement:

"This unprecedented, petty move by Republicans is another indication they're more worried about party and power than the people of Kentucky. Since losing the Governor's office, vengeful Republicans have been willing to go to any length to undermine Gov. Beshear, even if it hurts their constituents and cost lives. Republicans clearly don't trust the people of Kentucky to pick their own governor.

"They stripped his emergency response powers costing lives and hurting the economy, put together a sham committee to impeach him even though they knew it had no merit wasting time and taxpayer money, gave some of his appointments to the ag commissioner and even removed the Governor's
Office of Agriculture Policy from the Governor's Office. Just to name a few. We agree with Rep. Petrie that this is crazy. And it has to stop."