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VisitLex offers equine NFTs for laughs and a good cause


Lexington’s tourism bureau is offering up the worst holiday gift of 2021… but it’s for a good cause.

Visit LEX: Non Fungible Thoroughbreds

Your kids want a pony for Christmas, but you’re not equipped to feed and house a horse. That’s why VisitLex has curated a collection of “Non Fungible Thoroughbreds,” 10 digital images that look absolutely nothing like the beautiful analog horses that actually live in the Horse Capital of the World. The highly pixelated JPGs have names like “Suckretartiat,” and “The Ohio of Horses.” The launch video shows children crying and screaming with rage upon receiving the gifts.

Vice President of Marketing Gathan Borden explains.

“We didn’t think anybody would actually bid on the NFTs because it’s a relatively new technology and not a lot of people understand it, but it is a very trendy topic in the world today. We’ve actually so far gotten about $2,000 worth of bids on the NFT horses. So, we’ll see how it goes. We’ll leave it up for the rest of this month and we’ll assess it after that—we might leave it up longer. But the goal is then to turn that money over to Old Friends, which is a great active-care facility for the equine industry.”
VisitLex Vice President of Marketing Gathan Borden

Old Friends Farm in Georgetown provides a dignified retirement for real-life Thoroughbreds once their racing and breeding careers are over. The digital horses are available now at NonFungibleThoroughbreds.com.