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Latest Poll Shows Vaccine Hesitancy Has Decreased In The Commonwealth

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A new survey shows more Kentuckians are willing to get vaccinated against COVID-19 than they were six months ago, but some remain hesitant or say they will never get the shot

A new Vaccines in Kentucky poll commissioned by the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky and conducted over a four-week period between August and September indicates that some progress has been made in the state on the COVID vaccine front.

Foundation President and CEO Ben Chandler said when unvaccinated Kentuckians were asked if they would consider getting vaccinated, the number in this most recent poll was 20% compared to 29% six months ago.

“So that’s improvement,” Chandler said, “that means that a considerable number of Kentuckians have been persuaded to get the vaccine.”

Chandler said while the shift is good news, about a fifth of those polled will still say no thanks to the shot.

“You still though have a hardcore group of 20% or so that are not going to get the vaccine under any circumstances,” he added, “so that’s something that we’re concerned about.”

Kentuckians were also asked about masking. As for wearing one in outdoor crowded spaces, the outcome broke into thirds between those who always, sometimes or never mask. Almost half of those polled said they mask up indoors. Two-thirds supported masking in schools for unvaccinated students.

A majority of Kentuckians did not believe vaccine cards should have to be shown for most businesses, but more supported it when they asked if they should be required to use public transportation.