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Railbird Fans Deal With Extreme Heat, Long Lines And Lack Of Water Saturday: Organizers Make Changes

Karyn Czar

Music fans from around the country who flocked to this year’s Railbird Festival experienced the good and the bad on Saturday. Concert goers we spoke with said they loved the line-up and there were no complaints about the music. They also gave the layout and the increased size of the mainstage high marks. But there were major issues when it came to long lines, starting with entry at the gates, depending on when you arrived. And inside the festival, they grew worse. The high heat and humidity combined with long lines for water and concessions made the situation dangerous for some.

One group of attendees who flew in from Florida just for the Railbird Festival told us half of their crew waited over an hour to fill water bottles at the hydration station and the other half was stuck in a two-hour line for concessions. When they finally got to place their order, they were able to purchase food and alcohol, but bottled water was sold out.

On-line the level of anger grew and several people said that they witnessed people requiring medical attention due to dehydration. We reached out to concert organizers and asked how many medical calls were made and what changes could be made on Sunday, the final day of the event. They responded:

“The Railbird festival experience today did not live up to our standards. We have made adjustments to improve entry processes and concessions operations to move lines more efficiently. More importantly, we have sourced additional water refill stations and will supply free bottled water as needed at our refill locations. We thank you for your patience as we prepare for the second day of the festival.” Railbird Festival Organizers.

On Sunday, you are allowed to carry in sealed bottled waters along with empty bottles to fill. They have also added additional cooler and free water bottle stations. The Rickhouse is also open and is air-conditioned. You are required to wear a mask inside.

And in order to enter, you are required to show your COVID-19 vaccination card or proof of a negative COVID-19 test.