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ARPA Funds Are Headed To Hundreds Of Kentucky Cities

Things like PPE, COVID test and vaccines and lost revenue amid a global pandemic were never on any government leaders’ radars when 2019-2020 fiscal year budgets were set. But the coronavirus came and the financial toll was overwhelming. Now local governments across the state are about to get a return on money lost as they battled COVID-19.On Thursday Governor Andy Beshear announced that more than 360 cities in Kentucky will be sharing over $157 million in ARPA funds. Beshear said “To all our cities out there…check’s in the mail.”

Money from the American Rescue Plan Act is meant to help local governments offset costs they incurred dealing with the coronavirus. “They have been such an important partner in our battle against COVID-19,” said Beshear, “We know they’ve taken on great expenses and suffered great hardships and they’ve provided phenomenal leadership.”

Beshear said his administration wants to ensure that as the state recovers from the economic downturn caused by the pandemic, that prosperity “needs to reach every part of Kentucky and every part of each one of our cities.” He said checks were sent out on Thursday and should begin arriving next week.