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Charles Booker Will Run For U.S. Senate

Associated Press

"I'm Running!" That was the tweet by former State Representative for the 43rd district, Charles Booker Thursday morning. Booker is jumping into the U.S. Senate race and will meet with the public and the media at noon at the Kentucky Center for African American Heritage in Louisville. If he wins the Democratic ticket, he would be up for the seat currently held by Senator Rand Paul.

Former Kentucky Secretary of State and lobbyist of Babbage Cofounder, which specializes in government relations, Bob Babbage said "For a progressive or a liberal to win in Kentucky, statewide, is a very much a difficult, herculean. That's really what Booker faces. Anybody who runs has a chance. We have no idea what the dynamics will be exactly or what could happen that we can't anticipate today. But based on what we know right now, it is a stiff challenge for Booker to take on this incumbent at this time."

Booker had previously said he’s not afraid of the challenge. "I'm going to be fighting to make sure we transform Kentucky because this place means everything to me," said Booker. "You know, I've got two daughters and I've got one on the way in August. And I want to make sure Kentucky is ready to make sure they can surpass their dreams."