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Fayette County Public Schools Allowing 2020 'Do Overs'

Karyn Czar

Fayette County Public School students seeking to repeat the 2020 school year will get a chance to do so.

Surveys originally indicated that more than 500 students might seek a supplemental school year, but the district's pupil personnel director, Steve Hill, told the board that number is going down as more families consult with schools about how best to ensure their child is all caught up.

"So this data literally is changing, and will continue to change," he cautioned. "I suspect we'll be down in the 350s by the time it's all said and done."

Hill has said the schools are equipped to handle the extra year extensions. With the number of student requests for a redo dropping, the school board swiftly approved the applications Monday.

While parents are being encouraged to finalize the requests by the end of June, the district is allowing applicants to rescind requests up until the start of the new school year.

The optional supplemental education was part of a bill approved by the state General Assembly.

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