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Happy Days Are Here Again! Live Performances Are Back

Karyn Czar, WUKY

Life is beginning to return to some normalcy as COVID-19 recommendations shift and that means the return of live concerts and events. On Saturday night, music and applause filled the Lexington Opera House and none of it was virtual. The Lexington Singers were live on stage and a mostly masked, still socially distanced audience was more than happy to cheer them on.

Like artists across the globe, Lexington Singers continued to create art virtually since the onset of the pandemic. But the performers said it just wasn’t the same. Mia Hetzel-Eben hadn’t been in front of a live audience in 15-months. “It was a little scary but it was really nice. We haven’t had an audience in forever and it was just really happy.”

Brock Terry was in the orchestra pit tickling the ivories. “It was pretty special. It was pretty special for…just to…we’ve gotten so used to virtual performances and not having that immediate feedback with an audience. And so when we started playing and we actually heard applause and we knew that it was people that were in the house listening to us in the pit as we played it was a very special feeling.”

There are already live performances scheduled at the Lexington Opera House this fall and more announcements are on the way. To check the schedule and order tickets click here http://lexingtonoperahouse.com