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Double Masking? Kentucky's Top Health Official Weighs In

AP Illustration/Peter Hamlin

There are no national recommendations regarding double-masking, but Kentucky's public health commissioner gave his take on the practice during the governor's Wednesday briefing.

Talk of doubling up on masks to increase protection against both spreading or contracting COVID-19 has led to some confusion, with the president's chief medical advisor, Dr. Anthony Fauci, saying it may be a "common sense approach" though no official guidance has been issued.

For Kentucky's leading health official, Dr. Steven Stack, it's not a simple yes or no. The commissioner says the key variable is multiple layers — either within a single cloth mask or two masks — and sticking to tried and true social distancing rules.

"The biggest, most important thing you can do is stay six or eight feet away from everybody, and that, plus a single cloth mask with multiple layers, you're probably pretty good," Stack said, reminding listeners that the state has advised wearing cloth masks with an outer layer, a middle layer such as felt, and an inner layer.

For now, researchers are still looking into the effectiveness of double-masking.

“Can we make a general recommendation that doesn't have scientific basis yet? No, but when the science comes along and tells us that it is better or not, then you will see a recommendation, being made by the CDC," Dr. Fauci said.

Josh James fell in love with college radio at Western Kentucky University's student station, New Rock 92 (now Revolution 91.7). After working as a DJ and program director, he knew he wanted to come home to Lexington and try his hand in public radio.