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CDC Schools Safe To Open Recommendation Includes Business Closures

Karyn Czar, WUKY

President Biden has made it a goal to try and get kids back in the classroom within 100 days. Many private schools in the state have been able to make a successful go of it since August, however, they are able to limit enrollment and class sizes. Public schools have the challenge of being able to ensure all the COVID-19 safety guidelines are followed. Some districts have returned to in-person learning or implemented a hybrid-system. Others have remained virtual since the shutdown last March.

Parents anxious to get classrooms open are pointing to the latest CDC report that says schools are safe. Governor Andy Beshear was asked about it during his press briefing on Wednesday and said there was a key component to the latest recommendation. “It says that local officials when it can and should open schools that they can be safe if those local officials close restaurants and bars and gyms,” Beshear said “The report does suggest that we are on the right track though to open more schools and for longer. But the experts that have reviewed that…we’re talking about the number one thing that we can and should do is vaccinate the workers that work in the schools.”

Beshear said all K-12 education employees who wanted to be vaccinated will have their first dose by the end of next week. And the same caveat remains, how will some school districts be able to maintain social distancing when they struggled with overcrowding even before the pandemic.