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Henry Clay Center Launches ‘The Craft of Compromise’ Digital Series

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If you're longing for the days when Republican and Democrat politicians made an effort to get along despite their differences, two former US Senators who held the position of Majority Leader before Mitch McConnell ascended to the post will discuss how they managed to work across the aisle next week during a virtual event sponsored by Lexington’s Henry Clay Center.  WUKY's Alan Lytle talks with executive director Tom Shelton about the center's new digital series “The Craft of Compromise.”

  From UK Now:

The Henry Clay Center is launching a new digital series, “The Craft of Compromise,” where guest speakers will discuss the skills and values needed to solve problems in today’s political climate.

The first episode will be livestreamed and recorded through the center’s YouTube channel at 2 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 21. This episode’s conversation leaders are honorary co-chairs Tom Daschle, former U.S senator from South Dakota and former Senate majority leader, and Trent Lott, who represented Mississippi in the U.S. Senate and also served as Senate majority leader.

Hosted by Henry Clay Center alumna Lindsey Constantino, the January event will be facilitated by board member Ian Ralby, CEO of I.R. Consilium and direct descendant of statesman Henry Clay. 

The upcoming episodes will occur in monthly succession, with topics ranging from racial justice, the role of the military in foreign policy and the economy. All episodes are open and available to the public.

Founded in 2007, the Henry Clay Center is a bipartisan nonprofit organization that works with current and future leaders to honestly, critically and intelligently reflect on matters of national significance; debate the merits of those issues; and ultimately find the strength of character needed to arrive at a compromise and solve the problems that hinder America’s process of continual improvement for all Americans.  

As previously announced, the Henry Clay Center and the University of Kentucky James W. Martin School of Public Policy and Administration established in 2020 a formal affiliation to aid in the advancement of public policy education and bipartisan engagement.

For more information about the Henry Clay Center, please visit www.henryclaycenter.org.