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Fayette County Public Schools Scrap Hybrid Plan, Virtual Learning Continues


Fayette County Public Schools will stick with remote learning at least until the end of the semester. With high numbers of positive cases of COVID-19 in Lexington, the Fayette County Public School Board held a special meeting Wednesday night to discuss the future of learning. Parents and guardians were asked to fill out a survey asking what direction they would like to see the district go in and more than 70% said they wanted a hybrid option. Board member Stephanie Spires said, “What we’re hearing from a lot of families is just you know, they want to make sure that we have a routine, that we aren’t losing instruction and that what we’re doing we realize looks different across the district but we still want to make sure that it’s equitable across the district.” 

Targeted learning services are in progress for about 1,700 students in Fayette County who were identified as needing additional help during NTI. They are able to meet in small groups at their schools for personalized instruction. But for thousands of other K-12 students, a computer will remain their connection to the classroom until January. FCPS Board Member Raymond Daniels said during Wednesday’s meeting that a hybrid plan just didn’t seem workable. “We just need to strengthen our NTI process and then let the community know this is the date that we are targeting five days a week and here’s the criteria we’re going to hold ourselves responsible to.”

The FCPS Board and Superintendent Manny Caulk agreed that the district would remain NTI-2DL until January. Their hope is that students can return to in-person learning five days a week for the spring semester but that will depend on the county’s number of positive Coronavirus cases.